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TDA has been involved in many high profile projects over the past year. Below you will find a sampling of the projects we have worked on or are currently involved with and some of the commendation we have received.

Production Security - San Jose Del Cabo

TDA provided security and consulting services to the cast and crew for a reality show production in San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur, México, from 30 May through 3 June 2019. The agents assisted in executing a flawless week of filming at different tourist locations, shopping, restaurants, and non-descript locals-only places.


Met Gala 2019

Known for elegant dresses, wacky costumes, high end fashion, and expensive jewelry, TDA was pleased to work with our biggest clients during the preparation and conclusion of the MET Gala 2019. Like many high profile shows, TDA works with many high end jewelry brands to escort and securely transport the merchandise to celebrity clients.



You better work! #MetGala

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Documentary support in Tijuana

In December 2018, TDA supported a documentarian filmmaker in Tijuana, Mexico to capture the humanitarian crisis.

TDA is prepared to work with executives to aid them during the current politically volatile times

NY Times: Mail Bombs and Other Threats Have the Wealthy Cranking Up Security
By Laura M. Holson

Security has long been a concern for celebrities. Kim Kardashian, for example, was held at gunpoint and robbed in Paris in 2016. Her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, left, quit a month later.CreditCreditMehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto, via Getty Images

In recent years, the unpredictability of terrorizing events has kept Americans on alert, wary of threats to their safety and well-being.
A gunman killed 58 people attending an outdoor concert in Las Vegas last year. School violence has become commonplace enough that some teens carry bulletproof backpacks. And last week, at least a dozen homemade pipe bombs were mailed to outspoken critics of President Trump and forced the evacuation of a shopping mall in New York.
Specific threats and a general sense of anxiety, security experts say, are causing more people to seek the services of private security firms; some are hiring bodyguards and drivers trained to protect them in case of peril.
At Pinkerton, a private security and detective agency founded in 1850, requests for executive security have increased 20 to 30 percent annually over the last five years, said its vice chairman, Tim Williams. And people are looking for safeguards in all areas of their lives that pose risks, experts say, including information technology and social media.
 “People are scared right now,” Mr. Williams said.
Kidnapping and terrorism are rare in the United States, and only the wealthiest Americans can afford to hire full-time protection. But because of a strong stock market and generous tax cuts, the universe of billionaires (and millionaires, for that matter) is expanding.
“More people are able to afford this,” said Tim Horner, a former captain in the New York Police Department who is now a senior managing director at Kroll, a private security firm. “Clearly, the perceived risk and real threat level has increased.”
According to Mr. Williams, a trained driver can cost from $2,000 to $10,000 a day, which may include an armored car, countersurveillance and armed guards. A full-time bodyguard from a well-established firm costs between $150,000 and $300,000 per year, said other industry executives.
Corporations, too, are more willing to foot the bill for prominent figures, especially those considered to be potential targets in today’s hyperpartisan political environment. In 2017, Facebook spent $7.3 million to protect its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, which included security at his homes, access to private airplanes and protection while traveling, according to news reports. And this year, the company reported it would pay him an additional $10 million for security.
The security firm G4S protected Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon in 2014.CreditEmpics Sports, via Getty Images
Employing a security detail does not guarantee safety, particularly for celebrities who make their whereabouts publicly known. Mr. Horner advises wealthy clients to limit their exposure on social media.
 “If you have a big profile, then you need to manage it and be careful what information gets out,” he said.
Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel in October 2016 one day after she posted a photograph on Instagram that showed her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier. (She wrote: “This guy is always in my shot!”) She was bound and gagged as thieves took off with millions of dollars in jewelry. A month later, Mr. Duvier quit.
Many requests that security firms are getting from their wealthy clients are driven by threats that have already been made, but others are from general anxiety about what is in the news. “One of the problems with security is perception,” said Christopher Falkenberg, president of Insite Risk Management and a former Secret Service officer. “People focus on what is sexy now.”
He said clients were concerned about international terrorism last year after attackers killed eight people by driving a van into a crowd of pedestrians on London Bridge before a stabbing spree. But a traveler abroad is more likely to be killed in a car crash than by a terrorist, Mr. Falkenberg said. “Now, we have mail bomb attacks and people are interested in their mail security.”
He added, “What people are concerned about is disruption.”
Robert Dodge, who oversees corporate risk services at security firm G4S, said he had seen an increase in mail screening among Silicon Valley’s technorati even before the recent pipe bomb threats. He said some wealthy individuals have converted a discreet area on their property into a command center, where bodyguards in plainclothes keep watch. Some of the guards carry weapons.
“As world events get more traumatic,” he said, “reality is going to meet perception, and you are going to see even more people hiring security.”
So what are nonmillionaires to do so they can feel safe? There are a variety of technological advances: apps to track travelers when they are abroad, and home security systems that can be monitored online. And a trend among corporations, experts said, is training employees how to respond if there is an active shooter or other threat at the office.
“That same training can be used at home,” Mr. Dodge said.
But perhaps the best approach, he said, is to be vigilant and aware of one’s surroundings. “Put away your smartphone,” he said.
A version of this article appears in print on Oct. 29, 2018, on Page B3 of the New York edition with the headline: Threats Mean Boom Times for Bodyguards.
The Security industry’s new challenges with a growing cannabis industry


The marijuana industry’s impact on the economy in the United States could reach $32 billion in consumer spending by 2022. Thomas Dale & Associates retains two officers who were responsible for the planning, execution, and oversight of a major metropolitan cannabis operation at the municipal level. That city has received commendation from both the community and the cannabis industry.


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Some companies sell fear, TDA outlines reasonable and rational solutions to today’s issues. 

NY Times: Why Campus Shootings Are So Shocking: School Is the ‘Safest Place’ for a Child

By Dana Goldstein

May 22, 2018

Students outside Santa Fe High School in Texas, where a gunman killed 10 people last week.CreditMichael Stravato for The New York Times

In the days after a school shooting, like the one last Friday in Santa Fe, Tex., parents hug their children tighter in the morning, wondering if such tragedies are inevitable.

Amid the trauma, heartbreak and anxiety is a key piece of data, one that makes campus shootings all the more shocking when they do happen: School is one of the safest places for an American child.

While homicide is among the leading causes of death for young people, school is a relative haven compared with the home or the neighborhood. According to the most recent federal data, between 1992 and 2015, less than 3 percent of homicides of children 5 to 18 years old occurred at school, and less than 1 percent of suicides.

“Especially in the younger grades, school is the safest place they can be,” said Melissa Sickmund, director of the National Center for Juvenile Justice. No wonder, then, that news of a mass killing in a school building incites panic, grief and calls for policy changes far beyond the town or city that is affected.

Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death for American school-age children, with traffic accidents, poisoning and drowning among the most common causes. Those deaths almost always occur away from school.

American students were about as likely to die on school grounds in a transportation-related accident as they were in a homicide of any kind, according to federal data. In some parts of the country, accidents related to high winds, like tornadoes, presented a more deadly threat to children than an active shooter, according to a 2014 report from Safe Havens International, a nonprofit group that works on school security.

Suicides and simple homicides, with targeted victims, were responsible for more deaths than active-shooter incidents, which were defined as events in which a person killed or attempted to kill multiple people in a confined area without a pattern to the victims selected.

The Safe Havens report looked at federal data along with data from other sources, like news coverage and a New York City Police Department report on active-shooter incidents across the country.

The scene after a dump truck collided with a school bus on a New Jersey highway, killing one student and one teacher. More American students die in transportation-related accidents than in shootings.CreditBob Karp/The Daily Record, via Associated Press


Of course, risks of violence at school are not negligible. Six percent of high school students reported that they had been threatened or injured with a weapon on school property during the 2014-15 school year. And the scale of the threat varies by race, ethnicity and gender. About 3 percent of black non-Hispanic students reported that they were victims of nonlethal violence at school, compared with 1.7 percent of Hispanic students and 1.4 percent of white non-Hispanic students. Boys were more than twice as likely as girls to be victimized.

Some experts worry that schools are focusing too much on a single rare threat — an active shooter — and too little on adopting safety measures that could help prevent a wide range of threats.

Two-thirds of school districts conduct exercises to prepare for an active shooter, according to a 2016 report from the Government Accountability Office. In 2015-2016, 92 percent of schools had a plan in place to respond to a shooting, up from 79 percent of schools in 2003-2004, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Chris Dorn, a senior analyst at Safe Havens International, said that after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in 2012, his organization saw an uptick in demand for its services, completing 1,000 school security assessments in one year. Interest is even greater now. By this fall, Safe Havens expects to have done 1,000 assessments just since the Parkland, Fla., shooting in February.

The group tells schools that the biggest safety risks have not changed, and are less likely to be mass shootings than “petty theft, assault, child abduction due to custody issues or sexual predators,” Mr. Dorn said.

Measures to cut down those risks, such as reducing the number of open entrances to a school building, asking teachers to work with their classroom doors locked and instituting sign-in procedures for guests, will also be helpful in the rare case of a mass shooting.

Lockdown and evacuation drills should not be used to “test” or scare staff members and children, Mr. Dorn added; instead, they should be thought of as part of basic emergency planning for many kinds of events, like severe weather or a weapons search, as well as potential gun violence.

Many experts said that mental health support for students, including anti-bullying efforts and peer mediation, were among the most powerful tools, not just to identify potential school shooters in the student body, but also to help prevent the myriad school discipline and violence problems that happen every day.

“What I would say is not necessarily effective is schools spending a lot of time and effort specifically on active shooters,” Mr. Dorn said. Still, he acknowledged, “we’re at a slightly accelerated risk now because of copycats.”

Current Situation in Monterrey, Mexico

As of May 22, 2018, the threat to business personnel in Monterrey is CRITICAL. This is based on the current war between two rival factions of the Beltran Leyva Organization (BLO) which are fighting for control of the plaza rights to San Pedro Garza Garcia, the wealthy enclave of Monterrey. Of particular concern is that a brazen gun battle in the Walmart parking lot on Ave. Gomez Morin. The situation is still ongoing and TDA will advise of further developments.

In early 2018, BLO leader Hector "La Burra" Huerta Rios was temporarily incarcerated and lost control of the municipality, which fell to Rodolfo "El Gato" Villareal Hernandez. La Burra was subsequently released and an inter-BLO war has ensued between the two factions. Almost all of the assassinations have taken place in San Pedro Garza Garcia; at upscale restaurants, malls and other areas frequented by executives and business travelers.

In addition to the BLO war, business personnel must be acutely aware of additional threats; from common street criminals to sophisticated kidnapping networks. TDA advises that senior personnel utilize an armored car and driver, as is common within Monterrey. TDA notes that several tenants of Torre Gomez Morin, such as the Canadian Consulate, utilize armored cars which provide protection at a person's most vulnerable moments.

New Services in Cabo, MX

Due to the large number of American tourists who visit the area and American citizens who own vacation homes in Cabo, TDA is now offering security services to travelers to Cabo. These services include, vehicles, security drivers, armed EP agents, and counter surveillance agents to detect threats to clients. Please call us for further information.

Areas of Mexico with high volumes of tourists are now expierencing violence on a scale not seen before. A recent Reuters article highlighted that "violent crime has spiked in Baja California, particularly around the once peaceful resort of Los Cabos visited by million of foreign tourists every year."

Cartel violence on the rise in Mexico from CNBC.


TDA's CEO Conducting Security Analysis in Monterrey, Mexico


Tom Elfmont, TDA's CEO, spent a number of days in Monterrey, Mexico assessing the security situation for the various clients who work and operate in the country. Mr. Elfmont spent time examining the infrastructure and met with experts to take stock of the current trends and emerging threats in the region. 


NBA Security in Mexico City

TDA provided security for NBA executives while they were in Mexico surrounding the games played in January and December of 2017. TDA's partners in Mexico City have a long relationship with the company and also work with many different corporate clients of TDA. 

"The NBA and Zignia Live announced Wednesday that NBA Mexico City Games 2017 will feature the Brooklyn Nets playing regular-season games against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday, Dec. 7, and the Miami Heat on Saturday, Dec. 9, at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico."

"The games will mark the first time the NBA has hosted four regular-season contests in Mexico in the same calendar year.  Last January, the Phoenix Suns took on the Dallas Mavericks (Jan. 12) and the San Antonio Spurs (Jan. 14) in Mexico City."

Media Coverage for Las Vegas Shooting

TDA deployed agents to provide 24 hour security coverage for various news agencies, including NBC, MSNBC, and CNN in the wake of the deadly shooting in Las Vegas last October 2017. Our teams were responsible for working with news anchors, correspondents, and providing security for equipment for live news reports and live programming, such as the Today Show. 


NBC's Lester Holt Security in Houston



TDA had a security agent work alongside NBC News Anchor, Lester Holt, while he was in Houston covering the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.





TDA CEO Lecturing at NMSU


New Mexico State University featured a segment of their 2016 Criminal Justice newsletter highlighting TDA's CEO, Tom Elfmont, and his lecture at the university.


Note from the Newsletter:

NMSU alum Thomas Elfmont, a 1968 graduate, is the founder and CEO of Thomas Dale and Associates, a global investigative and security firm. He previously worked for the Los Angeles Police Department from 1973 to 1998. He gave a lecture hosted by the Department of Criminal Justice, titled "My Perspective on the Evolution of American Law Enforcement: 1970 to the Present."



TDA Agents in Rio



TDA agents in Rio de Janeiro with Cisco executive, John Chambers, providing executive protection during his travel to the city.



Working with LAPD

Deputy Chief Michael Downing from the Los Angeles Police Department giving a city tour to the daughter of TDA CEO, Tom Elfmont, and friends.

Heat Reunion Party

At the 20th Anniversary Party for the production of Heat, TDA's CEO, Tom Elfmont, mingled with cast and crew during a hosted reception prior to a screening of the legendary film. Tom was a technical advisor on the production. 


Urca, Brazil Rescue 

During the 2016 Olympics, members of TDA security rescued guests from a Fortune 50 company. The agents noticed the wind gaining strength and begin to turn the kayaks and people struggling in the water. Our agents dove into the water and saved everyone within 15 minutes. Here is a link to the news story covering the incident.

Olympic Games 2016

TDA's CEO, Tom Elfmont, spent a week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The weeks activities included a sample of services our company provides to clients in the region, such as protective intelligence and tactical security, as we prepare to provide for our many clients partaking in activities surrounding the Olympic Games. 

Law and Order: You the Jury

Image Source: NY Times/Dick Wolf, Master of the Prime-Time Franchise, Leads NBC’s Comeback

TDA is providing investigators to assist the production of Law and Order: You the Jury in uncovering details surrounding civil cases in the United States. The series is a bit of a resurgence for creator, Dick Wolf, the mind behind the Law and Order franchise. 

Washington Times: Al Qaeda’s online magazine tells terrorists to target U.S. business leaders in their homes

Al Qaeda's Inspire Online magazine is "urg[ing] radical Islamic terrorists to emulate the Palestinian street-killings of Jews by walking up to Americans and stabbing them to death," according to a the Washington Times

Mummies of the World

TDA facilitates the security escort of ancient artifacts to museums accross the United States, from Salt Lake City to Buffalo. Recently, our agents participated in the security escort of mummified artifacts to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California. 


RSA Conference 

TDA provides security for the RSA Conference occuring in San Francisco, annually. The conference is a robust discussion of security related issues involving the cyber domain. The 2016 conference had a unique tension swarming the room with the division between the technology sector and public security

CNN GOP Debates

TDA Agents worked in coordination with CNN and the Reagan Library staff to provide security at the Republican Presidential Debates in Simi Valley, CA. 

Academy Award Support

Our team coordinates and supports our clients throughout the Academy Awards, whether providing security for an event or transporting high value products to adorn the stars.

  TDA agents with one of our clients in Beverly Hills during the 2015 Academy Awards.


66th Annual Emmy Awards
TDA secured the red carpet and press staging areas for the 66th Annual Emmy Awards.


Straight Outta Compton

Movie producers for the production of "Straight Outta Compton" had TDA provide set security during shooting, and an executive protection detail on high profile individuals associated with the film. 

iHeart Radio Music Awards

TDA provided security for the red carpet, backstage, and talent on the event day, auditorium security during the event, and talent security on rehearsal days.


Shahs of Sunset to Turkey


“Bravo series Shahs of Sunset production company went to Turkey to film a reunion between cast members and their families in Iran and TDA provide the security consulting services to the production company while they visited Istanbul and Van.”


84th Academy Awards

TDA provides security for jewelry companies accessorizing the stars at the 84th Academy Awards.


Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board assigns TDA as primary investigator to conduct security and threat assesment of the area.

See the press release here:

The Bourne Legacy

TDA Security Team covers security for the film The Bourne Legacy in the Philippines.

Left: TDA Security Team in the Philippines with actress Rachel Weisz (center)        

Right: TDA Security Agent with actor Jeremy Renner (left)


Art Basel

TDA Security covers week long art fair, Art Basel, in Miami Beach, FL.

Read more about Art Basel here:


Steven Griffith

TDA and staff have been working with Steve Griffith and his company to provide
personal security solutions for several of his high profile clients who have been
subjected to various security issues due to their celebrity status.


Bethenny Ever After

"Just wanted to thank you for [the agent]. He was amazing and worked great with our team. Our talent loved him. Everyone was very impressed."

                                                        Scott Kolbicz Production Manager
                                                        Bethenny Ever After

TDA agent with Bethenny Frankel, star of Bravo TV's Bethenny Ever After, in Cabo San Lucas.


Occupy Oakland Protests

TDA agents provide security assistance to NBC news crews covering protests in the Oakland area.


Wake for Air Force Sgt. Andrew Harvell

Joe Jost's
“When I asked for security, I surely didn’t expect what we received. Thank you so much for your generosity in providing us with security for our event. The agents were extremely professional and gave a level of comfort to all who attended.”
                                              Ken J. Buck Owner
                                              Joe Jost's

Sgt. Andrew Harvell was an Air Force Special Operations Command Combat Controller killed in Afghanistan while on a mission with members of the SEAL team to support Army Rangers. His helicopter was shot down during a heavy firefight.

Andrew’s wake was held at Joe Jost’s.

The Debt"The Debt" Movie Poter

TDA Security Agents, W. Jack Buckner and Steve Balestreri, provide security for the film The Debt while shooting on location in Israel.


Mummies of the World Exhibition

"Thank you so much for everything. All was PERFECT!"

                                                 James Delay Director of Exhibition Development and Sales
                                                 American Exhibitions, Inc.


Inside Edition interviews CEO Tom Elfmont
Inside Edition interviews CEO Tom Elfmont for his perspective on the investigation into the murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen Click here to see video

NBA Global Tour - Mexico City

"Your company saw to it that I had sufficient resources with both armed and unarmed security to make everyone feel comfortable. I truly appreciate how you came through for us."

Agustine Rodriguez Director, Security
National Basketaball Association


62nd Primetime Emmy Awards

“I wanted to thank you for putting together a security plan and program that met the unique challenges and logistics presented at the NBCU broadcast of the Emmy Awards . The Nokia theatre venue was new to our Emmy broadcast operation and your oversight of the security program, vendors and credential process was well executed. Your proactive role contributed to the successful coverage and broadcast. Well done !!! Thanks for all your efforts”


Jim McCool SVP - Chief Security Officer, Global Security and Crisis Management Operations
NBC Universal


"A SPECIAL THANKS from the production and your team KICKED BUTT"


Jerry DiCanio EVP - TV Production

NBC Universal



California Spirit XXVI – American Cancer Society Charity Gala

“On behalf of the California Spirit Committee and the American Cancer Society, we want to extend our sincerest appreciation to you for your generous contribution once again of two security gurads for the day of our event at our annual fundraiser.

"Thanks to your donation, Claifornia Spirit continues its renowned reputation as one of the nation’s premiere gourmet galas. Attended by nearly 800 guests, the event raised over $550,000 for the Society’s lifesaving cancer research, education and patient service programs.”


Adriana Sandoval Director, Special Events,
American Cancer Society

Cisco Systems, Inc. – Business Management and Operations Team

“I am pleased to inform you that your personnel has been awarded the People’s Choice Award (Q4 FY10). This award recognizes individuals who exemplify exceptional teamwork, putting the goals of the team before personal goals, making BMO a more enjoyable place to work and going the extra mile.

"[Your personnel's] contributions truly represent the ‘best of the best’ in exhibiting behavior that propels us towards BMO’s goals, while adding significant value to the success of our Partners and Cisco.”


Maria Cannon Vice President, Business Management and Operations
WW Partner Organization, Cisco Systems, Inc.


Popkin Family Trust

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sending me your agent. [The agent] was on time, extremely courteous, and professional. I will definitely be using your companies services again in the future if and when the need arises. Furthermore, I will be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone else who may have the need."

                                        Jonathan Popkin Owner

TJX Companies, Inc.


"I received excellent reviews from the Senior Management on the trip. They commented on the professionalism of your staff. Nice job!"

Steve Woodland Director of Security in response to the recent nine day business trip to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for 14 of  their senior executives.



Malibu Jewish Center

"Please know that we are grateful for another great year of service. As always the agents are professional and extremely helpful."


Victoria Scott Greenberg, Director



Richemont-North America
“In October 2012 a client requested a jewelry transport to a remote ski resort in the mountains of Colorado. Despite an unexpected snowstorm that grounded all flights in and out of the area agents were able to improvise and transport the items over the mountain passes through the storm. The client received everything on time and in perfect condition.”

NBC Universal's Veterans Supplier Day
On November 13, 2011 employees of TDA participated in the NBC Universal's Veterans Supplier Day as part of their proactive diversity program. Employees not only participated by speaking to other employers of veterans but also were part of a five person panel to discuss their experience working with NBC Universal. As a veteran owned business TDA is actively looking to assist veteran's in their transition to civilian life and is proud to employee many veterans as security agents and investigators.